I am available for private lessons in Berlin or from anywhere in the world via Skype/Zoom. Bring your enthusiasm and motivation and we’ll cover the rest together.

  • Looking forward to my first online group Workshop on June 5th with La Foresta Collective (Berlin):
  •  In solidarity with the George Floyd Protests I decided to donate all of my share to NAACP (https://www.naacp.org/).This workshop is not a vocal-coaching session, rather a platform for sharing opinions/experience with voice.
    And it will include:
    – A mini concert from me including this Turkish folk song I love dearly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikWy3Nhn3csQuestions and Exercises About:
    – “Identity Through Voice”: Are we using our voices to create a public persona that is actually not 100% true to us? Do we follow other vocal frames that are already proven to be successful? (ex: women unconsciously speaking in uncomfortable lower-register for the sake of gaining respect, singers trying to sound like other established singers)
    – “Freedom Through Voice”: When/why do we loose the child-like expression? Who told us not to be so loud? Is voice completely free when it’s used in private context? (ex: trying not to moan during sex – is even such a basic act of vocal use completely free?)
    – “Nature and Human Voice” tiny introduction to birdsong
    – You absolutely don’t have to be a professional singer to attend this workshop.

Finding Your Own Voice –  Workshop June 5th (16:00-18:00 CET) 


Cansu as a Teacher: 

Every singer is a different instrument with different goals in mind. I worked as a vocal coach and teacher with singers from all levels, other instrumentalists, amateur and professional musicians…and all of them received a customised training. Happy to contribute within my experience in many levels of musicianship and artistic development next to vocal enhancement.

Send me an email if interested aysecansutanrikulu@gmail.com !

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