Interrupted (w. Dunston & Bıyıkoğlu)

“We continue. We are like two bards, each cueing the other to extemporize another stanza, jointly

composing an epic poem of knowledge. Within moments we accelerate, talking over each other’s

words but hearing every nuance, until we are absorbing, concluding, and responding, continuously,

simultaneously, synergistically.”

Ted Chiang


As a trio (+video artist) our aim is to compose a set of music & video score with a lot of space for improv

and re-interpretation and under the theme of “Interruption” in multiple realms. Improvisers at heart, we deal

with the concept of flow in our work all the time and try to understand what it entails in performative &

composition language. Is it a learned and rationalised process or is it intuitive? Is it supposed to come

naturally to a creative or do you practice and internalise methods to sustain it? Are we supposed to be

constantly ‘in a flow’ to feel purposeful and when life interrupts you what does it interrupt really – or do you

become a part of the flow of life? Can we experience resistance, demolition and friction in a continuous

manner to call that a ‘flow’ as well?


Between video, text and sound of multiple instruments and electronics, we are creating a piece that can

mutate into a different shape every time it’s performed. Our aim is to have the video score as the back bone

of malleable, organic body of music. Video score interrupting the music, music interrupting the silence,

piano interrupting the voice & space interrupting the sound… we will be experimenting with all of these

dimensions – sometimes in the most literal and sometimes in interpreted sense.

All of the three musicians involved in “Interrupted” lead and perform with their own projects internationally

(Berlin, New York & Istanbul dominantly) and compose for exceptional productions in leading stages of EU

and USA. Our dream is to take Interrupted all over the world and involve multiple guest artists from our

continuously expanding network of creative musicians and explore their understanding of social and

individual interruptions. We are also aiming to have flexibility in terms of performance venues – limiting this

project on a one-dimensional stage is constricting and dangerously habitual. So please feel free to imagine us

performing in your favourite museum, in a castle or in a haunted house.


w. Cansu Tanrıkulu – voice, efx, text

Nick Dunston – double bass, banjo, efx

Kaan Bıyıkoğlu – piano



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