PILED UP (w. Lukas König, Nick Dunston, Simon Jermyn & Mona Matbou Riahi)


This is a new project I’ve been building up to include my favourite multi & inter-everything creatives. The premiere was on August 19th in Jazzfestival Saalfelden featuring:

Simon Jermyn on guitars Nick Dunston on double bass and electronics & Lukas König on drums and electronics

The content and the arrangement of the set was organised around the theatrical absurdity and the guilty pleasure of porn: the individual and communal experience and its complexity in one of the most controversial industries of the world. Is there an ideal world where it can be completely safe for everyone involved or is it impossible to separate it from any other controversy around sexuality in other mediums…

One thing that makes this project quite different from my other bands is that there’s a long pre-production phase before the concerts. Next to a lot of synth and guitar playing from yours truly I am basically recording fake country songs about body image, radio ads on chastity belts with GPS tracking options, instructions for building the safest film set for 2 non-binary people and 1 cup and there’s a piece in there called “Save a Horse Ride A Cowbell” and so on… It’s not so obvious but sometimes it’s pretty obvious, you get the point.

One great update: Mona Matbou Riahi is joining PILED UP from now on! 

Professionally noisy