Kertenkele (w. Cenk Ergün & Nick Dunston)

Her brother was known for catching kittens by the tail and swinging them around over his head until finally flinging them off in a random direction. We were a small group of children, talking in a circle. A lizard ran across the center of our circle, freezing upon noticing us. Within that split second, completely unprovoked, she stomped on the creature, who crawled in agony as it looked up at us, wondering, “why?”

At any given moment the trio of Kertenkele could switch from a walking bass line to a distorted banjo tune with lyrics by Christian Bök, before settling on a time-stretched remix of a Turkish folk requiem. With an array of instruments including home-made and circuit-bent electronics, processed radios, synthesizers, a banjo, a double bass, and voice, Kertenkele creates music which welcomes any and all forms of sound into a performance practice informed by improvisation, composition, and herpetology.



Nick Dunston, bass, electronics

Cenk Ergün, electronics

Cansu Tanrikulu, voice, electronics



Please reach out for hearing some music from us. We currently only offer private links.

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