Cansu Tanrikulu feat. Greg Cohen & Tobias Delius “Kantoj de Fermiteco”

“Kantoj de Fermiteco” Cansu Tanrıkulu feat. Greg Cohen & Tobias Delius

“Spooky moods. Powerful playing. Telepathic communication. A beautiful and adventurous collection of surrealistic sonic tableaux by three master musicians.”

John Zorn

Combining experience with a no holds barred attitude as improvisers Cansu Tanrıkulu (TUR), Greg Cohen (USA) and Tobias Delius (UK) have been playing in a selection of finest free-improv platforms of Europe for the last three years. Sometimes creating a meditative drift through their multi-layered melodies and sometimes throwing you into the dense emotionality of a Shamanistic ritual the trio invents new forms of avant-garde songs every single performance.   

This year (2021) the trio is releasing their debut album “Kantoj de Fermiteco” ( Songs from Closed Spaces in Esperanto) from LowSwing Records. Touching upon political messages about censorship, obsessive love relationship between the TV and it’s human, deeply internalised toxic masculinity in the form of broken mottos from a mother’s mouth, jukeboxes of doom and home-made Bibles the music is basically a composed tableau of closed spaces assembled by Cansu Tanrikulu. In order to stay loyal to the momentary nature of the performance the music is recorded and mixed live by Guy Sternberg directly into the master tape. While presenting the album live the trio will also be working regularly with video artist Daniela Imhoff in  installation settings and pre-produced video format reflecting the heavily scenic essence of the album.

Tanrikulu Introducing the album on 44. Leipziger Jazztage: