Next up for Cansu

EONTA (w. Carol McGonnell) premiering new piece Rapture Rupture in Galway and Belfast – Sonorities Festival


Tanrikulu featured on new single on Colla Voce by Nick Dunston


Honoured to announce that I am now officially a part of the faculty in Hochschule der Künste Bern – Jazz and Contemporary Music Department

A little interview from Leipziger Jazztage in 2021



Piled Up by Tanrikulu w. Lukas König (dr,efx), Nick Dunston (db, efx), Simon Jermyn (g) & Tanrikulu (comp, vox, efx)

Kantoj de Fermiteco feat. Marc Ribot w. Greg Cohen (db), Tobias Delius (cl, sax) & Tanrikulu (comp, film w. Daniella Imhoff)

MeoW w. Jim Black (dr), Liz Kosack (synth) & Dan Peter Sundland (b)


Eonta w. Carol McGonnell (cl) & Tanrikulu (voc, efx)

Tanrikulu in Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome – Jazzfest Berlin 2019

bright bright w. Jessica Ackerley (g, efx, comp) & Tanrikulu (voc, efx, comp)

Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte & Guests play Robert Wyatt’s Music


“Drank vs Drunk” on SA Recordings and Vocals on Sample Library of Spitfire Audio

My composition for solo voice+synth “Drank vs Drunk” is on this upcoming compilation from Spitfire Audio Recordings alongside works from Audrey Chen, Phil Minton, Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci. There’s also a sample library of experimental vocals coming up 💕 You can now use some prime grunts, screams, yodels, chirps and squeaks in your own tracks sung by us and curated by Lea Bertucci.
Exciting 💥



New Album Coming Up with James Banner’s USINE on KLAENG Records

USINE will be touring in Austria and Germany for promoting this beautiful new record very soon with Cansu on vocals and efx, James Banner (bass, comp), Declan Forde (piano) and Max Andrzejewski (drums).

Order and stream here:



New Duo with David August “Aşa” To Release First Single “Su” On This Compilation on 99CHANTS

The origins of Aşa go back to early 2020 when Cansu Tanrikulu and David August found themselves in the studio in Berlin within a time of global stagnation and high motivation to record their brewing ideas after having curated a friendship and musical connection throughout some years. The result aimed to combine both of their compositional worlds using the improvisational repertoire of Tanrikulu and the scope of sound design that August was working on at that time.

After two years of keeping their ideas in the dark — and reflecting on the drafts and recordings — an early session came back to the surface, transformed and readapted to the concept of an imaginary landscape – using this platform as an opportunity to debut this collaboration that is eager to explore its identity in longer formats in near future.

Order and stream here:




Cansu Tanrikulu & Matt Mitchell Duo 

Cansu Tanrikulu & Trevor Dunn Duo

Kertenkele (w. Cenk Ergün & Nick Dunston)

Tanrikulu/Cohen/Delius – Ljubljana Jazzfestival 

NOISS Collab w. Guðmundur Arnalds (electronics)  & Ole Mofjell (drums) & Paulína Rónaiová (oboe) & Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard (double bass) – NEXT Festival Bratislava

A Door In The Mountain w. Sharmila Seyyid (writer/Sri Lanka/U.S.), Rayra Costa (electronics, no input / Brazil) & Gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie (visual arts / China) Streaming Event (via. Experimental Sound Studio – Chicago/U.S.)

The Killing Popes w. Oli Steidle (comp, drums), Dan Nicholls (keyboards, comp), Frank Möbüs (guitar), Phil Donkin (bass), Philipp Gropper (tenor sax) – A-Trane Berlin

James Banner’s USINE w. James Banner (comp, bass & electronics), Max Andrzejewski (dr) & Declan Forde (piano) – Jazzfestival Saalfelden

PILED UP by Tanrıkulu w. Simon Jermyn (guitar), Nick Dunston (bass, electronics) & Lukas König (drums & electronics) – premiere – Jazzfestival Saalfelden

Cansu Tanrıkulu invites Dan Nicholls  & Otis Sandsjö – Jazzfestival Saalfelden

Sofia Jernberg invites Cansu Tanrıkulu & Nick Dunston – Jazzfestival Saalfelden


Nick Dunston’s Skultura – A’LARME! Festival Berlin & Leipziger Jazztage 

Nate Wooley: “Seven Storey Mountain VI” – Jazzfest Berlin 

Tanrikulu/Cohen/Delius + Marc Ribot – Jazzfest Berlin


Tanrikulu/Cohen/Tsalikov – Leipziger Jazztage

MeoW (Jim Black, Liz Kosack & Dan Peter Sundland) – Jazzfest Berlin


Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome – Jazzfest Berlin

Melez (w. Elias Stemeseder & Jim Black) – Jazzfest Berlin 


Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte & Guests Play Robert Wyatt’s Music – Enjoy Jazz Festival & Leipziger Jazztage


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