Ayse Cansu Tanrıkulu is an award-winning artist based in Berlin. She composes, performs, improvises and leads/co-leads multiple projects with prominent musicians of the world.

Kissskeptic (w. Elias Stemeseder & Jim Black)

Tanrıkulu’s main project. Band recorded the music in September 2018 and will be releasing in 2019.

Hear it tonight before the release tonight (09.02.2019) on Rbb Kulturradio, Late Night Jazz with Ulf Drechsel!

More about the music:

The incentive for resilience and a disciplined judgment, righteousness and justice undoubtedly associated with the Providence and the trust in ration for deception-free thought are some of the most influential ideas in the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (Meditations).  Yet the mind might not be a self-governing entity completely liberated from the powerful archetypal figures in any mortal life:

 I. Father, II. Mother, III. Creator, IV. Emperor, V. Lover.

 Especially when the notion of a deity is premature, bestial and dubious, the world can become a picture of absurd, a primeval soup of emotions where these five sources of force gain complete control over rationality, leading the mind into chaos or serenity depending on their will.

 Exposing the distinctive nature and identity of the five archetypes as five musical themes Tanrıkulu composed and partially arranged the pieces – inspired  from improvised sessions of the band. 




Tanrıkulu As A Composer:

As a composer she focuses on novel and compelling themes, mostly topics that are hard to imagine as musical entities and has been recently awarded a grant by Berlin’s Department for Culture and Europe for recording and producing her compositions with her new project. Her piece for large ensemble based on actual questions rape survivors were pressured to answer about their experience has particularly caught attention and had been featured in the album by Planet 9, a compositional project on women’s rights directed by Julia Hülsmann and supported by the Universitat der Künste Berlin. With her compositions she has received the chance to perform in prominent stages of Berlin and festivals including Hanns Eisler Midsummer Festival 2016 and Kurt Weill Festival 2017 in Dessau.

Tanrıkulu As A Sideman and Guest Performer:

  • James Banner’s USINE
  • Max Andrzejeski’s HÜTTE
  • Julia Hülsmann’s Oktett

In September 2017 she has recorded with James Banner’s Quartet and will be touring in Germany and UK ( February 2018)  following the release of his debut album in October 2018 on the Cologne-based label JazzHausMusik.

Tanrıkulu performed in big festivals over Germany including 42. Leipziger Jazztage “Fish & Chips”, Enjoy Jazz Festival with Max Andrzejeski’s HÜTTE and in Europe (Belgrade Jazz Festival 2018) with Julia Hülsmann’s Oktett.

You can find her performing in the leading stages of Berlin and Istanbul including Donau115, Sowieso, A-Trane, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin and Nardis, The Badau and Cafe Mitanni in Istanbul.

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