Melez Premiere in Berlin JazzFest 2019 read more here!

Meow review in Jazzfest Saalfelden 2019!

Tanrıkulu/Cohen/Delius in A-Trane (recorded live by RBB)

Last Chance to Misbehave (w. Julia Hülsmann & Mia Knop Jacobsen) in Monheim!

“Cansu Tanrıkulu has that rare quality of creating art that is beyond description. A warrior as an improvisor, a reflective and adventurous composer, and a voice that can either melt your heart or make it jump a beat.”

Greg Cohen



Cansu Tanrıkulu is a singing multi-media artist and composer working both as a leader and sideman. She is one of the busiest young voices in Berlin’s Creative Music Scene leading/co-leading multiple bands including Melez (w. Jim Black & Elias Stemeseder), Meow! (w. Jim Black, Liz Kosack & Dan Peter Sunderland) , Tanrıkulu/Cohen/Delius (w. Greg Cohen & Tobias Delius) and Last Chance to Misbehave (w. Julia Hülsmann & Mia Knop Jacobsen).

Her elastic singing, wide stylistic vocabulary and fearless approach to melody and text based improvisation made her an in-demand vocalist in multiple genres. She performed in renowned platforms of Europe including Berlin Jazz Fest 2019 w Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome and Melez, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2019 with Meow!, 42. Leipziger Jazztage “Fish & Chips” and Enjoy Jazz Festival with Max Andrzejewski’ HÜTTE, Belgrade Jazz Festival 2018 with Julia Hülsmann’s Oktet and stages including Birmingham Symphony Hall with James Banner’s USINE.

As a composer Tanrıkulu’s initial instinct is to frame topics that are hard to imagine as musical entities. Her piece for large ensemble based on actual questions rape survivors were pressured to answer about their experience has particularly caught attention and had been featured in the album by Planet 9, a compositional project on women’s rights directed by Julia Hülsmann and supported by the Universitat der Künste Berlin. With her compositions she has received the chance to perform in festivals including Kurt Weill Festival 2017 and got supported by the Berlin Senate. She also recently received the Jazz Institute Berlin-Jazz-Preis der Karl Hofer Gesselschaft for Soloist.



Melez ( w. Jim Black & Elias Stemeseder)

World Premiere of Melez in Jazzfest Berlin 2019!! — Click here for the details

Melez, a trio led by vocalist/composer Cansu Tanrıkulu (featuring Jim Black and Elias Stemeseder) realizes a vision of creating an avantgarde-multifaceted-improvisational aesthetic. The music is carved out of improvised sessions and sculpted into compositional figures by Tanrıkulu. In this way the music stays fresh and in the moment, allowing each band member a chance to flex their highly instinctive and developmental lexicons.

Tanrıkulu’s chameleon-like vocals fuse with a “no holds barred” approach to melody and text based improvisations, making her unique as a story-teller. Drummer Jim Black is well known for his limitless musical vocabulary and inventive craftsmanship, helping guide this trio to the apexes they so often achieve. Pianist/keyboardist Elias Stemeseder’s skilful playing, exceptional aesthetic, and confidence shapes and colors the trio in a way only he could create.

  • Melez makes democratic music without boundaries or borders.
  • Melez is as rigid as it is flexible and as lucid as it is opaque.
  • Melez is unapologetic and allergic to inflexible classification.
  • Melez is fresh blood.


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31.10.19 – JazzFest Berlin Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome

02.11.19 Melez in  Jazzfest Berlin! 

05.11.19 Hessisches Jazzforum Rüsselsheim w.  Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE

07.11.19  Hotel Orania Berlin w. Greg Cohen & Eldar Tsalikov

13.11.19  Porgy&Bess Vienna w. Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE

03.12.19 A-Trane Berlin w. Tanrıkulu/Cohen/Delius


Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE plays Robert Wyatt (w. Andreas Lang, Tobias Hoffmann, Johannes Schleiermacher, Jörg Hochapfel)

-June 14 Tonne Dresden
-June 15 Wendland
June 25 – Berlin w. Antonis Anissegos & Yorgos Dimitriadis
June 30 – Jazzwoche Berlin –  Kühlspot – w. Tomomi Adachi
July 3 – Berlin  – Sowieso w. James Banner, Declan Forde & Jordan Dinsdale
August 22 – Berlin – Sowieso w. Greg Cohen & Tobias Delius

**August 24 – Saalfelden Jazz Festival with MEOW! (w. Jim Black, Liz Kosack & Dan Peter Sundland)

**August 27 – Berlin – Jazz Kollektiv Nights w. Felix Henkelhausen Project ( Elias Stemeseder, Phillip Gropper,  Brad Henkel, Ludwig Wandinger, Max Santner) 

Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE plays Robert Wyatt (w. Andreas Lang, Tobias Hoffmann, Johannes Schleiermacher, Jörg Hochapfel)
– 13. Sept Altenburg
– 14 Sept. Jazzkeller 69 Berlin
– 15. Sept Pohrsdorf
– 16. Sept. Magdeburg
Ensemble O (w Dora Osterloh, Friedrike Merz, Laura Winkler) Tour Dates
– September 7 – Ringenwalde, Uckermark
– September 28 – KIM Festival Berlin
– October 10 – Donau115, Berlin
– October 11 – Opekta Studio, Köln
– October 12  – Dellbrücker Jazzmeile, Köln
– October 13 – Blech Raum Kunst, Halle/Saale

May 4 – Berlin – Neuköllner Originaltöne (w. Markus Dauber, Brad Henkel, Sölvi Kolbeinsson)

May 11 – X-Jazz Festival Berlin w. Felix Henkelhausen’s Project (w. Philip Gropper, Elias Stemeseder, Brad Henkel, Max Santner, Moritz Baumgartner)

February 12 Felix Henkelhausen Group (w. Elias Stemeseder, Philip Gropper, Max Santner, Ludwig Wandinger, Brad Henkel) @ Jazz Institute Berlin

Touring in UK and Germany with James Banner’s USINE (w. James Banner, Max Andrzejewski, Declan Forde, Fabiana Striffler, Arne Braun)

21.2. – Sproggits returns! James Banner’s USINE Release Tour (Berlin), Wharf Chambers, Leeds
22.2. – Symphony Hall Birmingham, Birmingham
23.2. – Jazzlines Workshop, Birmingham
(UK concerts supported by Initiative Musik)
26.2. – James Banner’s USINE [LIVE RECORDING], LOFT, Köln
28.2. – Orania.Berlin
2.3. – Saxstall, Pohrsdorf

January 30 – James Banner’s USINE @Sowieso Berlin

January 23 – Future Bash (w. Ludwig Wandinger, Felix Henkelhausen, Anna Lena Schnabel, Elisabeth Coudoux) @ Surff Festival Berlin

January 9 – Tanrıkulu/Cohen/Delius @ Sowieso Berlin

November 22 – Concert and Ceremony for JIB-Jazz-Preis der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft 2018 (w. Elias Stemeseder, Philip Dornbusch, Arne Braun, Liz Kosack, James Banner) @ JIB Berlin

October 27 – Belgrade Jazz Festival w Julia Hülsmann’s Oktet 

October 20 – Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg with Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE 

October 19 – 42. Leipziger Jazztage “Fish & Chips” with Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE 

June 15 MEOW! W Jim Black, Liz Kosack & Dan Peter Sundland @ Kühlspot – Berlin

June 20 Niemack/Tanrıkulu/Henkelhausen/Seredin/Black @ A-Trane Berlin

June 24 w Greg Cohen & Mark Pringle @ Dabangg Teehaus – Berlin

June 27 w Tobias Delius & Greg Cohen @ Kühlspot – Berlin

July 6 w Julia Hülsmann & Mia Knop Jacobsen @ Donau115 -Berlin

July 9 MEOW! w Jim Black, Liz Kosack & Dan Peter Sundland @ West Germany Venue – Berlin