Melez ( w. Jim Black & Elias Stemeseder)

Melez, a trio led by vocalist/composer Cansu Tanrıkulu (featuring Jim Black and Elias Stemeseder) realizes a vision of creating an avantgarde-multifaceted-improvisational aesthetic. The music is carved out of improvised sessions and sculpted into compositional figures by Tanrıkulu. In this way the music stays fresh and in the moment, allowing each band member a chance to flex their highly instinctive and developmental lexicons.

Tanrıkulu’s chameleon-like vocals fuse with a “no holds barred” approach to melody and text based improvisations, making her unique as a story-teller. Drummer Jim Black is well known for his limitless musical vocabulary and inventive craftsmanship, helping guide this trio to the apexes they so often achieve. Pianist/keyboardist Elias Stemeseder’s skilful playing, exceptional aesthetic, and confidence shapes and colors the trio in a way only he could create.

  • Melez makes democratic music without boundaries or borders.
  • Melez is as rigid as it is flexible and as lucid as it is opaque.
  • Melez is unapologetic and allergic to inflexible classification.
  • Melez is fresh blood.


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