melez ( w. Jim Black & Elias Stemeseder)

melez (w. Elias Stemeseder & Jim Black)

The incentive for resilience and a disciplined judgment, righteousness and justice undoubtedly associated with the Providence and the trust in ration for deception-free thought are some of the most influential ideas in the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (Meditations).  Yet the mind might not be a self-governing entity completely liberated from the powerful archetypal figures in any mortal life:

 I. Father, II. Mother, III. Creator, IV. Emperor, V. Lover.

 Especially when the notion of a deity is premature, bestial and dubious, the world can become a picture of absurd, a primeval soup of emotions where these five sources of force gain complete control over rationality, leading the mind into chaos or serenity depending on their will.

 Exposing the distinctive nature and identity of the five archetypes as five musical themes Tanrıkulu composed and partially arranged the pieces – inspired  from improvised sessions of the band.  Music is recorded in September 2018 and will be released in 2019.